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two sisters working together, sharing our talents and making branding, printables and fine art accessible for everyone

We grew up with a father that allowed our creativity to flow and a mother who was always busy crafting with ceramics, macrame and sewing. Growing up we had a play room with a huge chalkboard our dad had gotten from an old school. Our imaginations were poured out on the board and the walls where we were allowed to draw, paint, color, and design all over. When we weren’t drawing, we would take over the basement with our barbies, legos and craft supplies as we created and imaged a world outside our own. This childhood allowed us to each grow into our own unique artistry, Melissa with pen, paintbrush and a canvas and Michelle with a computer, knitting needles or a sewing machine.


I loved to draw since I was a little girl, I won 3rd place when I was in 4th grade for a drawing I did for the Humane Society. Throughout my school years, art was the only thing that drove my passion.

I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. After college I decided to create my own business that focused on folk art furniture, paintings, and dolls. Soon after, I began having children. While art was my true passion, my children became my first and most amazing love. I enjoyed my art, but I chose to put my children first for many years. After having four kids, I decided to become a nurse and I am now a Nurse Practitioner. After almost a decade of continued education and my kids growing older, I am now able to escape back to my true passion.

I have grown to enjoy realism. I like to paint and draw in a way that allows the viewer to escape into the artwork. Life is stressful, my paintings and drawings allow me to escape for at least a little while. That is all before dance, hockey, soccer, and school activities! LOL!!


I grew up always creating and designing, whether it was our race car, my bedroom or even creating jewelry from grass,  I graduated college with a Marketing Degree, moved to DC, found a job that introduced me to graphic design and have been in the industry ever since 1996 – am I really that old – I mean seasoned!

Over my career I have worked as an in-house corporate graphic artist, on staff at advertising agencies and since 2000, I have been operating my own small design business.

Over time, my experience has taught me about what matters most in this business – people. Not just the people who hire me, but the people who buy and use my clients products and services. The best part of my job has been getting to know who I am working with, what they stand for, their goals and then collaborating from concept, strategy and design to final product. Helping entrepreneurs and business owners learn more about themselves and helping them grow their business is what I feel leads to effective design and marketing. 

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